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What Happens When You ...

What Happens When You Don’t Exercise

  Many things happen to the body when it doesn’t get enough exercise. Unfortunately, it goes way beyond gaining weight. It’s important to remember that even a little bit of exercise is better than no exercise at all. Continue reading to learn more about the dangers of inactivity. No one is immune! Energy Levels Mitochondria […]

So Long and Thanks for...

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Ok, everyone- big time changes. I don’t have time for daily posts- just don’t. So….I’ll be using this space temporarily for my producer-ly duties on The Ignorance Equation, Kettle of Fish, Musical Osmosis, and Friday Night Drunken Trivia. See, we’re moving all of our online radio shows/podcasts to a new home and taking things to […]

Five Minute Fat Bombs

Img Courtesy LowCarbBetterHealth blog

  Fat bombs are great in a pinch, but what if you don’t have any handy? And what are you going to do when a chocolate craving hits and the kids have leftover Easter candy laying around? Ok, that never happens, but still. Super easy to do, tasty and keto-tritious!   Five Minute Fat Bombs […]

The Basics of Volumetr...

Time to lose weight

  Volumetrics Eating Plan If you’re tired of diets and dieting and just wish there was a way to eat, feel full and lose weight, then the Volumetrics Eating Plan could be right for you. This book is written by Dr. Rolls, who is one of the leading researchers and physicians in the country. Her […]

Get Fit in One Minute

Pilates exercise

  I hate exercise. No, that’s not right. I LOATHE exercise. I don’t like sweating, being too hot, being too thirsty, things hurting, my clothes sticking to me, and I CERTAINLY will NOT work out in front of other people. Not even my husband, and I’m pretty sure he’s seen me naked. But, I know […]

Your Brain On Clutter

Your Brain On Clutter

Clutter sucks. Like, you can literally feel lost when your space is too cluttered- and it can be so hard to get out from under it. But why does it suck so bad? The Pain of Giving Up an Object Researchers at Yale University in Connecticut have discovered that 2 different pain-related areas of your […]

Best Sources of Plant ...

Best Sources of Plant Based Protein

  Protein makes up the the building blocks of the body and is necessary for good health. Most people get their daily protein from animal sources in the form of meat, dairy or eggs. However, there are many great sources of protein that are plant-based. Here is a list of the best 8. Enjoy!   […]

Being A Friend Worth H...

Being A Friend Worth Having

  Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on from time to time. When things go wrong, who will listen to you? Often it’s not who will listen but who is worthy of the privilege to witness your vulnerability. No one is perfect, but not everyone can handle seeing imperfection in others. Could you possibly be […]

Five Easy Keto Friendl...

Five AMAZE Keto Bread Recipes

    Pork Rind Tortillas at The Primitive Palate   Fathead Pizza Crust Via Killer Keto Blog   Soul Bread Via Low Carb Diem Basic Low Carb Quickbread   Almond Flour Biscuits from Baking Outside the Box   And if you need something to eat that low carb bread with, try this: http://mavendomestic.com/dinners-under-5-sausage-parmesan/